Work Status is a combination of Availability and Response Speed that can be used exclusively in our mobile apps.

There are three Work Status options:

  • Right Away – You’re available for more work and will accept or decline an invite within 10 minutes.
  • Later – You’re available for more work and will accept or decline an invite within a day.
  • Not Looking – You’re not available to take on more work and therefore aren’t expected to respond to an invite.

How do I set my work status in the Upwork Messenger app?

  1. Confirm your work status in the banner at the top of the app.
  2. Tap OK to keep it the same.
  3. Swipe left to change it.


  1. Tap Work Status in the bottom tray.
  2. Choose Right Away, Later, or Not Looking.

Where does work status show to clients?

Clients see work status reflected in your Availability and Response Speed on your profile.

  • If you state that you will respond ‘Right Away’ or ‘Later’ we will mark you as ‘Available’ in the Availability section of your profile. You must respond to every invite (accept or decline) within a day to achieve the maximum Response Speed.
  • If you state that you are ‘Not Looking’ we mark you as ‘Not Available’ and therefore clients should not expect you to respond.

Please note: You can still change your availability by editing it on the desktop site. There you only have two options: Available and Not Available. You cannot indicate a response time unless you are using the iPhone or Android app.

What happens if I don’t respond within 10 minutes?

For the time being, the Response Speed indicator shown on your profile does not take into consideration whether you respond right away or respond later, as long as you respond within a day. However, if you set your status to Right Away in the app and do not respond within 10 minutes it may affect your marketplace reputation.

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