Create Your Profile Title and URL

The title of your profile is your first impression to potential clients. It allows you to share your top skills and area of expertise.

To edit your profile title

  1. Go to Find Work > Profile
  2. Click the Edit button (pencil icon) next to your Title
  3. Update your Title


Custom Profile URL

As a Plus plan member, you can create a customized vanity URL for your freelancer profile. Your customized URL must be 4-20 characters long and only include letters A-Z and numbers 0-9. You may not include "Upwork" in your URL.

To add a customized profile URL

  1. Go to Find Work > Profile
  2. Click the edit icon next to Profile Link in the right column
  3. Customize your URL

For Basic plan members, it isn't possible to customize your profile URL. You can upgrade to a Plus plan or click the "View my profile as others see it" link and share the default profile URL as it appears in your browser.

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