Adding a professional video to your profile is an excellent way to market your relevant experience and expertise to prospective clients. You can give your proposals a competitive edge by uploading a video that is polished and concisely showcases your skills. For tips on taking your profile to the next level is an awesome intro video, drop by our blog.

To add a video to your profile:

  1. Go the Find Work tab, and click the Edit Your Profile link.
  2. Scroll down to the Overview section and click the Add Video link.
  3. Paste your YouTube video link into the box.
  4. Choose a video type and click the Submit button.

Adding a video to your profile is optional, but if you want to take full advantage of this feature you’ll want to create a high-quality video that highlights your expertise. If your video is off topic or unprofessional, including a video could hurt rather than help your chances of landing a project.

Guidelines for Profile Videos

  • Upload to YouTube (currently Upwork only supports YouTube URLs).
  • Disable monetization via YouTube (no ads on your video).
  • Adhere to all other existing Upwork Terms of Service.

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