Adding a professional video to your profile is an excellent way to market your relevant experience and expertise to prospective clients. You can give your proposals a competitive edge by uploading a video that is polished and concisely showcases your skills. For tips on taking your profile to the next level is an awesome intro video, drop by our blog.

To add a video to your profile

    1. Go to Find Work > Profile
    2. Scroll down to the Overview section and click the Place video link
    3. Paste your YouTube video link into the box, choose a video type and click Submit 

Adding a video to your profile is optional, but if you want to take full advantage of this feature you’ll want to create a high-quality video that highlights your expertise. If your video is off topic or unprofessional, including a video could hurt rather than help your chances of landing a project.

Guidelines for Profile Videos

  • Upload to YouTube (currently Upwork only supports YouTube URLs).
  • Disable monetization via YouTube (no ads on your video).
  • Adhere to all other existing Upwork Terms of Service.

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