Review Proposals

To manage your proposals:

  1. Click the Jobs tab to see the My Jobs list.
  2. Locate the job you want in your Open Jobs.
  3. As you review their proposals, take one of these actions:
    • Send Message – Contact the freelancer to discuss their proposal (interview and negotiate).
    • Hire – Set contract terms and, if accepted, hire the freelancer.
    • Decline – Notify the freelancer you are not interested and why.
    • Archive – Hide the proposal from your list without rejecting it.

Want more proposals?

In addition to the freelancers who’ve submitted proposals already, Upwork gives you a list of potential freelancer matches. Review the suggestions and send an invitation to the ones you like. They’ll be notified of your interest and have the opportunity to respond with a proposal. You can also search the marketplace and send messages via the profiles of freelancers you find there.

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