Choosing the right talent is key to your success, and reviewing proposals is an important step in the process.

When you post a job in our marketplace, freelancers and agencies can submit proposals to you. You can also directly invite them to send you a proposal, or choose from a list of potential matches we provide.

Review the proposals that you receive carefully. Choose the ones you like and look closely at the freelancers or agencies who submitted them. Some things to consider include the freelancer or agency’s skills, experience, work history and ratings on the platform, availability, ability to meet your deadline, and budget.

To manage your proposals

  1. Go to Jobs My Jobs
  2. Locate the job you want in your Open Jobs
  3. As you review their proposals, take one of these actions:
    • Send Message – Contact the freelancer or agency to discuss their proposal (interview and negotiate)
    • Hire – Set contract terms and, if accepted, hire the freelancer or agency
    • Decline – Notify the freelancer or agency you are not interested and why
    • Archive – Hide the proposal from your list without rejecting it

Pro Tip:

Once you build your business on Upwork, you’ll realize how many talented people there are on the platform. To make it easier to sort through talent, you can invite freelancers you’ve saved to your lists. Navigate your custom lists on the "Saved Talent" tab of the proposal manager.

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