Add or Remove Team Members


Invite a new team member

  • Go to Settings > Members & Permissions
  • Click Invite New User > Fill out the form to assign the appropriate permissions
  • This is usually used for existing colleagues, not for freelancers with contracts on Upwork

Adjust permissions

  • Go to Settings > Members & Permissions
  • Click Edit > Make your desired changes > Click Update Permissions

Remove team members

  • Go to Settings > Members & Permissions
  • Select Remove from Team checkbox on the team member > select Update Permissions
  • Freelancers will be removed when their contracts end


Under Settings > Members & Permissions you can add team members and adjust permissions according to the following options:

Finance Only: Can manage payment methods, view financial reports, and make deposits and withdrawals. Finance privileges are company-wide, even when Teams are in use.

Full: In addition to finance privileges, can invite or remove team members, manage members permissions, and edit company details.
Source Talent Only: Can post jobs, invite freelancers to interview, and review proposals. Cannot hire, end contracts, give bonuses, or update contract terms.

Full: In addition to talent sourcing privileges, hiring managers can make contract offers, give bonuses, increase rates, end contracts, and submit freelancer feedback.
Self Only: Can log time and view their own Work Diary (only applicable to freelancers with active contracts).

All: Can log time (with an active contract) and view Work Diaries and hours-only reports for all team members.
No One: Can only see and respond to team members who initiate messaging.

Team Members: Can see and chat with everyone on the team.

Company Members: Can see and chat with everyone in the company, across all teams.
Main point of contact responsible for the freelancer's contract. By default, this is the person who hired the freelancer, but you can set it to be anyone on your team who has Hiring permission "Full".

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