How do I stop more freelancers from submitting proposals?

You can stop more freelancers from submitting proposals for your job by changing the visibility or by closing it entirely. If you don't plan to hire any (or any more) freelancers for your job, please close it. You can always come back and repost it later.

To change your job to private:

  1. Click the Jobs tab.
  2. Locate the job you want in your Open Jobs and click Make Private in the Actions menu.

To close your job:

  1. Click the Jobs tab, and then select View Post for the job you want to close.
  2. Click the Close job link at the top of the page, and follow the instructions.

Please note: When you change a job’s visibility it may still be accessible to some users who had bookmarked it in their browsers or whose feed readers already downloaded it. Or, it may still be visible if you allowed search engines to access it when you first posted the job as public. It takes about a day (and sometimes up to a week) for search engines to re-index so that it no longer appears in their results.

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