Difference Between Agency and Freelancer

Upwork has two kinds of freelancer accounts: individual and agency. Individual freelancers work independently and directly with their clients. Agencies are freelancer accounts that can add team members to projects for the agency’s clients.

Working with a Freelancer

When you hire an individual freelancer, you will typically communicate directly with the freelancer about the project. In addition, the freelancer sets the rate and your payments go directly to the freelancer.

Working with an Agency

On the other hand, if you hire an agency member you are hiring the agency itself, which can have a number of freelancers that it pays to do work on your project. On agency proposals and contracts you may communicate mostly with the agency owner, a project manager, or with the agency member(s) working on your project, depending on how the agency does business and what arrangements you negotiate with the agency.

In addition, agency contracts are paid to the agency itself, not a specific agency member. The agency then pays its members off-platform for the work they perform for the agency at rates negotiated among them.

For more information on agencies, please visit the Hiring Headquarters.

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