Invite Freelancers to Submit Proposals

After you post a job, you can wait for freelancers to find your post and submit a proposal or you can actively search and invite freelancers to your job.

To invite a freelancer to your job

    1. Type a query into Search
    2. Browse and view matching freelancers
      1. You can adjust filters to fine-tune search results
      2. Click to view a profile or select ‘Invite to Job’ to invite a freelancer
      3. Write a brief message and select a relevant job post
      4. Click ‘Send Invitation’

You check your invitations by going to the Jobs Home page, selecting the (...) options menu next to your open job post, then selecting ‘View Proposals’.

  • Accepted invitations will appear under Review Proposals > Messaged
  • Decline invitations will appear under Review Proposals > Archived

To view unanswered invitations, open the ‘Invite Freelancers’ tab.

* Clients on an Upwork Basic account are limited to 3 invites per job post. If you’d like to invite additional freelancers to your job, consider upgrading to an Upwork Plus account.

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