You may have particular freelancers in mind for a particular job. You may also want to search for and invite freelancers to help move your project along more quickly. After you post a job on Upwork, you can invite freelancers and agencies to apply. The number of invites you can send varies per job to help match you with the most relevant talent.

Invite a freelancer or agency to your job

    1. Type a query into Search
    2. Browse and view matching freelancers and agencies
      1. Adjust filters to fine-tune search results
      2. Choose to view a profile or select Invite to Job to send an invitation
      3. Write a brief message and select a relevant job post
      4. Choose Send Invitation

Check your invitations by going to the Jobs Home page, selecting the (...) options menu next to your open job post, then selecting View Proposals.

  • Accepted invitations will appear under Review Proposals  Messaged
  • Declined invitations will appear under Review Proposals  Archived

To view unanswered invitations, open the Invite Freelancers tab.

Invites and job types

Different membership plans and job types include different numbers of invites.

  • Marketplace members get 30 free invites per job.
  • Featured Jobs allow you to send as many invites as you want, up to 70 per day, for $29.99 per featured job.
How much does it cost to upgrade my post so I can invite more freelancers/agencies?

Upgrade your job post to a “Featured Job” for a one-time fee of $29.99 to send as many invites as you want for that specific job, up to 70 per day.

In addition to more invites, the job post that you upgrade will show at the top of job search results for freelancers, the post will show a “Featured Job” badge, and one of our Talent Specialists will email you a shortlist of 3 to 5 top freelancers who might be a good fit for your job.


How long does it take for the invite to be delivered?

Typically, invites are delivered instantly. There are instances when messages can be delayed up to an hour due to system updates.

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