You may have particular freelancers in mind for a particular job or want to search for and invite freelancers to help move your project along more quickly. After you post a job on Upwork, you can invite freelancers and agencies to apply.

Invite a freelancer or agency to your job

    1. Type a query into Search
    2. Browse and view matching freelancers and agencies
    3. Adjust filters to fine-tune search results
    4. Choose to view a profile or select Invite to Job to send an invitatio
    5. Write a brief message and select a relevant job post
    6. Choose Send Invitation

Invite top matches

If you posted a job on Upwork in the past, you'll be able to invite several of our recommended freelancers to submit a proposal, all at once.

  • After you post a job, we’ll recommend up to eight freelancers we think may be a great fit for the work. You can scroll through and check or uncheck each box to quickly invite talent to submit a proposal
  • You have 30 invitations in total to use toward each job post (unless you post a Featured Job, which gives you more invites). The talent you select here will count toward your invitation limit 

To send bulk invites to top matches:

  1. After you post a job, scroll through the top matches we’ve selected for your work
  2. Our recommendations will be automatically selected. Uncheck or check the box in the corner to include each freelancer in your invitation. Check as many boxes as you’d like, then select Invite to job
  3. You can personalize a message that the freelancers will see alongside your invitation. The message is sent to each freelancer individually; they won’t see who else you’ve invited
  4. Choose Send invites

If you reach your limit of invitations, you can send more by upgrading to a Featured Job.

If it's your first job post, you won't see the option to send quick invites, but you can still invite up to 30 freelancers total.

If you reach your limit of invitations, you can send more by upgrading to a Featured Job.


Check your invitations

Check your invitations by going to Jobs, selecting the (...) options menu next to your open job post, then selecting View Proposals.

  • Accepted invitations will appear under Review Proposals > Messaged
  • Declined invitations will appear under Review Proposals > Archived

To view unanswered invitations, open the Invite Freelancers tab.

Invites and job types

Different membership plans and job types include different numbers of invites.

  • Marketplace members get 30 free invites per job post
  • A Featured Job allows you to send more invites (70 a day) for $29.99 USD 
How much does it cost to upgrade my post so I can invite more freelancers/agencies?

Upgrade your job post to a “Featured Job” for a one-time fee of $29.99 USD to send even more invites for that specific job post, with a limit of 70 per day.

In addition to more invites, the job post that you upgrade will show at the top of job search results for freelancers, the post will show a “Featured Job” badge.


How long does it take for the invite to be delivered?

Typically, invites are delivered instantly. There are instances when messages can be delayed up to an hour due to system updates.


How many people can I invite to a job?

You can invite a total of up to 30 people to submit a proposal, unless you upgrade to a Featured Job where you can invite up to 70 freelancers daily.

Why do you limit the amount of people I can invite to a job?

You’ll find that inviting only qualified freelancers to apply will increase your chances of finding the right person. Plus, these limits help prevent scam and spam.

Why can't I invite freelancers in bulk on my first job post?

We limit bulk invitations to protect Upwork from scam and spam.

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