Save a Freelancer Profile

If you come across a freelancer you'd like to contact at a later date, just use our save feature.

To save a freelancer from their profile:

  1. Perform a search and find a freelancer you like.
  2. Click the Save as Favorite link at the top right and add a note.

To save a freelancer from their proposal:

  1. Click the Jobs tab.
  2. Locate the job you want in your Open Jobs.
  3. Click the freelancer you want to save.
  4. Click the Save link under the portrait and add a note.

To access your list of saved favorites:

  1. Go to Freelancer > Find Freelancers
  2. Choose the Saved Freelancers tab

From here you can edit your notes, remove freelancers from the list, or contact them about a job.

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