Bring Your Own Agency or Freelancer (Enterprise)

[This article is for ENTERPRISE-ONLY. For the standard Bring Your Own Talent flow, click here.]

Bring Your Own Talent (BYOT) is a fast and simple way to move your existing relationships with agencies and freelancers on to Upwork. It helps centralize all of your contracts, collaboration, reporting and payments in one place. You can boost productivity by sharing trusted freelancers across all users at your business.

To Bring Your Own Talent

  1. Go to Freelancers > Bring Your Own Talent
  2. Choose Invite a Freelancer or Invite an Agency
  3. Complete the invitation form and select Send Contract

If your invitation included an offer, your contact will receive an email with your contract terms. They can select the Get Started link in that email to create an Upwork account, accept your offer, and be instantly added to your team.

Your agency or freelancer will experience the following benefits

  • Simplified invoicing and payment processing; work is covered by Upwork Payment Protection and we invoice and process payments on your freelancer’s behalf
  • Get paid within days of completing work; payments become available for withdrawal within days of completing work and are invoiced automatically on hourly contracts
  • Connect with other businesses on Upwork to continue to grow their client roster

* Please note that your freelancer will be charged the Upwork Service Fee that applies to contracts with Enterprise clients unless you have different terms in your Enterprise contract. You may want to talk with your freelancers to negotiate contract terms before sending an invitation, taking any fees into consideration. Any fees will be clearly labeled in the contract offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bring an agency or freelancer to Upwork?

You can invite an agency or freelancer to Upwork through the Bring Your Own Talent (BYOT) portal on the site.

  1. Go to Freelancers > Bring Your Own Talent
  2. Choose Invite a Freelancer or Invite an Agency
  3. Complete the invitation form and select Send Contract
Where can I check the status of my BYO invitation?

You can check the status of an invitation anytime on the Bring Your Own (BYO) page. Click here to go there now.

Can I invite an outside agency or freelancer to accept a specific contract offer?

Most Bring Your Own (BYO) invitations include a job offer that the agency or freelancer will be able to review and accept. However, if you don’t have a project in mind, you can still send an invitation to join Upwork without sending a contract invitation first.

What fees does the agency or freelancer pay?

The agency or freelancer you invite will typically have a 0% service fee on contracts with you, unless stated otherwise in your Enterprise contract terms. Contracts with other Upwork Enterprise clients are typically 10% but are subject to change as these terms are negotiated with the specific Enterprise company. Service and administration fees will be stated in the contract terms.

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