Rehire a Former Freelancer

Rehiring a former freelancer is easy! Simply choose an existing job or create a new one and complete the form. Once the freelancer receives and accepts your rehire offer, the contract begins.

To rehire a freelancer who worked for you on an Upwork contract in the past:

  1. Go to Jobs > My Jobs
  2. Click "Rehire a Freelancer"
  3. Select the appropriate freelancer from the drop-down list and click Continue
  4. Choose the category, terms, etc. to create a job for the rehire

When you make an offer, the freelancer can accept, decline, or propose new terms. If the freelancer declines, you may make a new offer. If the freelancer proposes new terms, you may accept or decline.

You can confirm that your new contract is active by going to the My Jobs tab and check the list of Contracts. If it is an hourly job, your freelancer can't log time until the start date.

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