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As a freelancer, your billing period for hourly contracts* begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Your funds are available 10 days later.

When working hourly contracts, all time logged in the Work Diary by the freelancer is automatically invoiced to the client using the schedule below.

  • Week 1 – Freelancer logs time using the Upwork desktop app and Work Diary.
  • Week 2 – Hours within the weekly limit invoice to your clients on Monday. They have until Friday to review the work. Then the review period ends.
  • Week 3 – Earnings become available on the following Wednesday.


* This article does not apply to contracts that use Upwork Payroll.

Weekly Billing Period

The weekly billing period begins Monday at 00:00 midnight UTC and ends Sunday at 23:59 UTC. All Reports in Upwork are based on this standardized timing.

On Monday at 12 noon UTC following the close of the billing period, clients are automatically invoiced for hourly contracts. Upwork charges their primary billing method and sends a reminder to review their contract’s Work Diary.

Freelancer Review Period

After the billing period ends, freelancers have a few hours to look over their Work Diary to make any final adjustments. The freelancer review period runs Monday from 00:00 midnight to 11:59 a.m. UTC.

Client Review Period

The client review period runs from Monday at 12 noon UTC following the close of the billing period until Friday at 23:59 UTC. This is the time for clients to review the Work Diary and file a dispute if there is a problem.

Security Period

The security period applies to all payments and refunds on all contracts. It gives Upwork time to process and clear the payments, and resolve any disputes before funds are released to freelancers.

All manual payments, including milestones and bonuses, become available 5 days after the payment is successfully processed. A little cheat sheet:

  • Processed Monday — Available Saturday
  • Processed Tuesday — Available Sunday
  • Processed Wednesday — Available Monday
  • Processed Thursday — Available Tuesday
  • Processed Friday — Available Wednesday
  • Processed Saturday — Available Thursday
  • Processed Sunday — Available Friday

Hourly payments enter the security period after the client review period closes on Friday; therefore funds typically become available on the following Wednesday.

Note: Your billing cycle may vary on contracts with enterprise clients.

Automatic vs. Client-Initiated Invoicing

Only hourly contracts have a weekly billing cycle and only hours and set weekly payments are invoiced automatically for freelancers. Miscellaneous, milestone, or bonus payments may also be issued on all contracts as needed. These one-off, client-initiated payments invoice immediately upon submittal. The funds are billed to the client’s escrow balance (fixed-price milestones) or primary billing method (all other manual payments) within 24 hours and released to the freelancer after the security period.

Delayed Payments

During the security period, the amount paid to you appears as Pending on your Transactions page. Each payment lists the date we expect it to be available. If your funds don’t become available on the due date shown on your Transactions report, there is a problem with the payment (such as a failed card) and it’ll remain pending until your client resolves the problem. The total outstanding account balance is re-charged daily until the invoices are paid. Continued failure by a client to pay invoiced hours triggers a review to qualify for Hourly Payment Protection.

The client will be suspended and your contract will be paused until the balance is paid (and automatically resumed when the issue is resolved, which usually doesn’t take long). Please contact your client to find out the cause of any delays and timeline for resolution so your payment can be completed and the project can continue.

Payment Protection

Invoiced hours and fixed-price milestones are both covered by Upwork Payment Protection. Only bonuses, miscellaneous payments, and set weekly payments aren’t covered by these programs.


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