Global SWIFT Codes

A SWIFT code is a popular term for a Bank Identifier Code (BIC). SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. It is an eight- or 11-digit code that identifies your country, city, bank, and (11-digit only) branch. With this simple code, Upwork's bank can route funds to any registered bank in the world.

Eight-digit SWIFT codes:

  • Will show the address of the bank's headquarters rather than your local branch. Your bank will then use your account number to get your funds to you.

11-digit SWIFT codes:

  • May be required if your bank has several branches. When you set up your bank account as a payment method enter all 11 characters unless the last three digits are XXX. Some banks will provide an 11-digit SWIFT code ending in XXX. This is a placeholder used by systems that don't accept eight-digit SWIFT codes and can be omitted on the form.

Ask your bank for the SWIFT code and bank account number you'll need to receive an incoming transfer. The SWIFT organization offers a lookup service. However, the best way to ensure proper routing of your funds is usually to contact your bank directly.

SWIFT Code Troubleshooting

When you enter a SWIFT code on the wire transfer registration form we check it against our bank's database and show you what we found.

If something doesn't match:

  1. Check the SWIFT code you entered for typos.
  2. Check with your bank to ensure you have the correct SWIFT code.
  3. Check with your bank to ensure you have their correct SWIFT-registered name and address.
    • Name – Sometimes your bank's officially-registered name isn't the same as their operating name.
    • Address – Some banks will give you a SWIFT code for their headquarters or parent branch location and then use your bank account to get you your funds.

If the bank name or address isn't correct:

  • You may update the bank name or address information (but not both). Click "Not your bank or branch?" to enter it manually.
  • Always confirm the SWIFT code, bank name, and bank address with your bank before entering changes manually. Only do this if you're 100% certain you have the SWIFT code correct and believe our database is out of date (for example, if your branch recently moved to a new location or changed names).

If the bank isn't found or the bank name and address aren't correct:

  • Contact Customer Support by clicking here if you're certain you have the correct SWIFT code but our database isn't finding the correct bank.

Other Bank Codes

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