One of the challenges of freelancing is being able to prove your income easily, since you have multiple clients and usually do not receive a traditional paystub. That’s why we created the Certificate of Earnings.

When you need documentation for a loan, apartment rental, healthcare, travel, etc., you can download a Certificate of Earnings report. In some cases, you may also need to print and provide a signed User Agreement.

To view your Certificate of Earnings

  1. Go to ReportsCertificate of Earnings
  2. The report will generate a PDF file you can save, email, or print

The Certificate of Earnings report automatically calculates your earnings for the past one, three, six, and twelve months based on the date that you run the report. This report displays the earnings as a gross total, before the service fees have been deducted. The report will include your name, address, profile title, URL, and a statement explaining that you are a freelancer through our platform.

Since this report is formatted for a specific snapshot in time, you cannot adjust the date ranges. Learn more about other report options here.



Employment can be created only by an employer. Because Upwork does not act as an employer or otherwise engage you, we are not able to provide you with this documentation. If you have a long-term client on Upwork we recommend contacting them to see if they can provide you with verification of employment or of services rendered.

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