Managing the financial side of your freelance business is important to your success, and following tax rules is a big part of that. To help you stay in compliance with tax laws, we ask you to complete required tax forms. If you are a U.S person, you should file a Form W-9 with Upwork (all others should file a Form W-8BEN). You sign electronically by submitting the form.

To provide Upwork with your Form W-9

  1. Go to SettingsTax Information
  2. Provide us with your:
    • Legal Name — Your own name, or your business name if you're filing as a company entity
    • Address — Where we will mail your Form 1099-K or other tax forms, if necessary
    • Filing Status — Type of IRS tax filing you will use for earnings
    • Taxpayer Identification Number — TIN type and # you will use for your IRS tax filing

The directions are the same as filling out the paper Form W-9 form from the IRS. We recommend that you contact your local accountant or tax advisor if you have questions about your filing status or TIN.

To edit your tax information

  1. Go to SettingsTax Information
  2. Edit your tax information and save

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