We know at times you may need to update your account information and freelancer profile, and we’ve worked to make it as simple as possible.

Here’s what you can update at any time by going to Settings:

  • Your freelancer profile – including your education, employment history, skills, title, and portfolio
  • Your password and additional account security options
  • Your email address – Be sure to use an address you check frequently. If you change your personal email address in your account, you will need to accept a confirmation message
  • Your address, phone number, and time zone – For tax purposes, it’s important that you use your real, permanent address. Also, when using Upwork, you should be logged in from the country listed on your account. 

Keep in mind, not every piece of information can be changed after you’ve created an account. The following pieces of information either cannot be edited or should not be changed:

  • Your User ID – This cannot be edited
  • Your Name – Your profile name must be your real name and should not be edited after you’ve created your account.


We take your privacy seriously. Only your city, state, and country will be shared with clients.

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