Your account information can be updated at any time! To update your account information, find My Info (Contact Info) under your Settings. 

Information to Update

  • Freelancer profile – including your education, employment history, skills, title, and portfolio
  • Security question
  • Personal and security email addresses – Be sure to use an address you check frequently. If you change your personal email address in your account, you will need to accept a confirmation message
  • Address, phone number, and time zone

Important to Know

Certain portions of your account information must comply with Upwork's Terms of Service. There are some restrictions to what you can and cannot change.

  • User ID – Can't be edited
  • Name – Your profile name should be your real name 
  • Address – For tax purposes, you must use your real, permanent address
  • Country – You must be logged into Upwork from the country you are changing to

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