Manage an Agency

We've created a guide to agencies to help you decide if an agency is right for you.

Every agency is a unique business, and there are many things that Upwork allows both you and your agency members to do. Talk to your agency members about how they want these processes to work.

Build your Team

To add someone to your team:

  1. Click the account menu, choose Settings, then Members & Permissions.
  2. Click the Invite a New User button, fill in the form, including choosing roles and permissions.
  3. Fill in the form and click the Invite User button. The person will receive a notification to join your team and can accept or decline your invitation.

To remove someone from your team:

  1. Close out all of the user's current contracts and proposals.
  2. Click the account menu, choose Settings, then Members & Permissions.
  3. Select the Remove from Team checkbox to the right of the correct user and click the Update Permissions button. You can also change a user's permissions without removing them from the team on this page.

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Agency Profile

Your agency profile is your opportunity to brand your agency and, by extension, your agency members on Upwork. Admins can edit your agency profile and contact information in your Settings > Company Info.

Your agency freelancers' profiles will link to your agency profile (and vice versa). Your company name, tagline, description, and logo will be displayed on your agency members' profiles, proposals, and in search results. Additional agency data will be shown along with your profile. This includes your agency's total hours, recent hourly contract rate range, and Job Success Score.

  • Agency profiles may not contain any direct contact information (including email addresses, phone numbers, and chat IDs).
  • Agency profiles may not advertise products or services outside or beyond the scope of the Upwork marketplace.
  • Read tips for how to create a great agency profile in our Hiring Headquarters.

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Member Settings

Admins can edit team members' roles and permissions in the Settings. Business managers can edit exclusive agency freelancers' profile rates and visibility in the Agency Roster.

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Member Roles

  • Owner – This person is ultimately responsible for the agency. Only the owner can create additional teams within an agency. The owner is always an Admin.
  • Admin – Can add, remove, and update team members permissions. Admins also have full financial access and can buy more Connects.
  • Financial – Full access to the team's financial account, including payment methods, billing methods, and reports.
  • Business Manager – Can manage proposals, rates, offers, and contracts for all agency freelancers. Can submit milestones on any agency contract. Can see agency time-based reports (not earnings).
  • Agency Freelancer – Does work on behalf of the agency. Can submit proposals, but can't accept/decline offers. Can see reports about their own work, but can't see their rates on their reports or contracts. Can see their profile rates unless a manager hides them via the roster settings.
    • Exclusive – All contracts belong to this agency.
    • Non-Exclusive – Can do work both for the agency and independently. The agency can only access their agency proposals and contracts.

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  • Work Diary Access – Work Diaries are used to bill time on hourly contracts. Only the person hired can log time to that contract's Work Diary.
    • Full – View access to the Work Diaries for all agency contracts. Time-logging and Work Diary editing for their own contracts. Can see agency reports.
    • None – Can't see any agency Work Diaries or reports (unless their role gives additional reports access).
  • Chat Access – Clients can always contact their hired agency freelancers via messages. You can choose whether your agency members can contact each other.
    • Team Members – Can send messages (via the website, desktop app, or mobile app) to everyone in the agency.
    • No One – Can't send messages (via the website, desktop app, or mobile app) to anyone in the agency unless they've received a message from that person first.

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Roster Rates and Visibility

  • Profile Rate – Set the rate displayed on the profile of any exclusive agency freelancer.
  • Visibility – Who can find your agency freelancer's profile in the marketplace.
  • Hide Profile Rate – Prevents agency members from seeing rates and earnings on their own profiles or the agency's profile. Their profile visibility must also be changed from Public to Upwork Users Only or Hidden.

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Proposals and Offers

Business managers can submit a proposal on behalf of any agency freelancer. They can edit or withdraw all agency proposals and accept or decline all offers. Agency freelancers can also submit proposals themselves. All proposals will draw from the agency's collective Connects balance.

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Business managers can edit terms or end all agency contracts. Both the hired agency freelancer and all business managers can submit milestones on fixed-price contracts. All contracts are paid into the agency's collective financial account balance.

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Getting Paid

All contracts are paid to the agency's account. Your balance will be sent to you on a schedule, or you can access your funds at any time (the same as for individual freelancers). How you manage your agency's earnings from there is up to you.

  • The agency (not Upwork) is responsible for paying agency members. Payments from agencies to agency members are not protected or facilitated by Upwork.
  • How much the agency members are to be paid is determined by the agency and the agency members. It may or may not bear any relation to the earnings on their Upwork contracts.
  • Agencies are responsible for maintaining proper tax records and worker classification. Agency members may be classified as either freelancers or employees of their agency. Please also see the Upwork User Agreement.

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