Invoices and Transaction History

All payments on your Reports > Transaction History have official invoices that are ready to be downloaded or printed. Invoices are for record-keeping purposes only. The finance system charges your billing method automatically whenever your have a balance due.

To get an official invoice or receipt:

  1. Go to Reports > Transaction History
  2. Find the item you need
  3. Click the Reference ID, and then click View Invoice or View Receipt

To bulk download invoices and receipts:

  1. Go to Reports > Transaction History
  2. It will show a 30-day window by default -- the maximum timeframe for bulk download is one month
  3. Click the Download Invoices button

Invoices include your company name, company owner's name, and company contact address. If you have a VAT number, that will be included, too. Your freelancer's name will always be included. Some freelancers also provide an invoicing address (this is optional).

You can update your company contact address in the Accounts menu > Settings > My Info.

Invoices are created for all billing for freelancer contracts and the alternative flat $25 monthly payment processing fee. The standard 2.75% payment processing fee will have a receipt instead of an invoice because it is a per-payment fee and not necessarily associated with a particular invoice. A single payment might be for multiple weekly invoices, or for less than the invoiced amount due to a credit on your account.

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