Add PO Numbers to Invoices

If your company requires Purchase Order (PO) numbers on invoices, you can set one in your team settings.

To set a PO number:

  1. Click the Accounts menu, choose Settings, then Teams.
  2. Select Edit Team Info from the Actions drop-down.
  3. Enter your current PO Number and click the Update button.

The system will add your PO number to every invoice until you remove or change it. If there is an active PO number at the time of invoicing, it will be included on your invoice. When you download a CSV report of your financial activity, your PO numbers are included.

You cannot add, change, or remove PO numbers retroactively. You must add them to the system before the transaction is invoiced.

If you have multiple teams within your company, you can set a company-wide PO number by entering it on the top-level team (also known as the parent team). An individual team's PO number, if you choose to set one, will override the company-wide PO number.

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