Being your home for work means allowing you to work the way you prefer. If your company requires purchase order (PO) numbers on invoices, you can easily set one in team settings.

To set a PO number

  1. Go to SettingsTeam
  2. Select Edit Team Info from the Actions drop-down
  3. Enter your current PO number and click the Update button

Entering a PO will ensure that it appears everywhere it needs to be, including every invoice and in CSV reports of your financial activities.

You cannot add, change, or remove PO numbers retroactively. If you need a particular transaction to have a particular PO number, you must add it to the system before the transaction is invoiced.

If you have multiple teams within your company, you can set a company-wide PO number by entering it on the top-level team (also known as the parent team). An individual team's PO number, if set, will override the company-wide PO number.

Add PO number to Enterprise invoice

If your company requires PO numbers on invoices, your company’s program owner* can load them into Upwork to attach to your contracts and use our reports to track your spending. Set the PO details at creation and edit all of them later if needed — including the description, valid through date, who can use the PO number, and spend alert thresholds. Restrict their use to just the appropriate hiring managers or make them available to your whole team.

To add a new PO
  1. Go to ReportsPurchase Order
  2. Choose Create PO and fill out the form
To edit a PO
  1. Go to ReportsPurchase Order
  2. Hover over the (…) options menu to the right of the PO and choose Edit PO
  3. Adjust as needed and choose Update PO
To check your PO status
  1. Go to ReportsPurchase Order
  2. For more detail, choose the PO in the list
To give a team member access to a PO
  1. Go to SettingsEnterprisePurchase OrdersOptions & Control
  2. Choose the team member
To make POs required or optional
  1. Go to SettingsEnterprisePurchase OrdersOptions & Control
  2. Choose Yes or No
To enable PO creation permissions for another member of your team
  1. Go to SettingMembers & Permission
  2. Set Financial privileges for the appropriate team member


Granting Financial privileges to a team member will give them full access beyond PO numbers, into the company’s entire financial account, including all financial information and reports.


Only clients who have the PO functionality turned on by their Enterprise Admin can use PO numbers. Contact your account team to use this feature.

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