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Milestones are a way to divide your fixed-price job into a series of deadlines based on your needs. They let you break a larger contract into more manageable chunks of time, budget, and/or deliverables.

You and your freelancer can detail and agree on all your milestone amounts, deliverables, and deadlines during the interview phase if you have that much planned out already. If not, you can create them one or a few at a time over the course of the contract. Over the course of the contract, your freelancer will submit milestones for review and the funds in escrow will be released when they are approved.

If you fail to respond to a submission within 14 days, the escrowed funds are automatically released to your freelancer as your failure to respond is deemed approval. Therefore, it is important to mark Request Changes on the contract in Upwork if you would like your freelancer to edit their submitted work.

For each milestone, you’ll detail what exactly your freelancer agreed to provide in return for the funds you will deposit in escrow. This way you and your freelancer know what deliverables are expected, the deadline for deliverables, and how much you will pay for them. Be as specific as you can. This is your chance to formalize the agreement between you and your freelancer about what is to be delivered, when, and for how much money.

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