You might want to change your rate on an active hourly contract for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the work is easier or harder than you expected, or you want to show appreciation to a loyal client by giving them a discount, or you’ve increased your skills and raised your rates since a longer-term contract started, as examples.

You can lower the rate on an active contract, but you can't raise it. Only your client can raise the rate. However, you can contact the client to request an increase.


If you are an agency member, you can’t see or change contract rates and will need to contact an agency manager.

Lower your rate on an hourly contract

Important: If a contract has a scheduled rate increase, you will not be able to change the rate until that increase is in place. 

  1. Choose the My Jobs tab > All Contracts 
  2. Click the contract name
  3. Under "Details" choose the ✎ next to the current rate
  4. Enter your new rate.

The existing contract will continue, and the new rate will take effect immediately. We will update it on your work history to reflect the new rate.

Changing a fixed-price contract

For fixed-price contracts, the client isn’t locked into a certain rate. The client can add or adjust milestones that aren’t active yet as needed, as long as they keep a $5 minimum. For currently active milestones, you can request a change and the client can decide whether to approve, but the client cannot change the amount unless you request it.

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