For hourly projects, there is a maximum number of hours freelancers can invoice to a client in one billing week. This limit is set by the client and should be mutually determined before work begins. Weekly limits help freelancers and clients agree on scope and budget and can be changed through the duration of a project as needed. 

  • Only the client can set or change a limit, but the client and freelancer should communicate about how many hours will be needed. 
  • Only hours within a contract's weekly limit are protected. Hours that go over the limit won’t be billed.
  • Clients can issue bonus payments for any hours worked beyond weekly limits.

Pro Tip:

If you anticipate that a project is going to exceed the hourly limit, talk with your client ahead of time! Clients appreciate the communication, your time is protected, and you can decide together if the extra time is necessary!

If the hourly limit is raised, limit increases take effect immediately (and hours already logged in the Work Diary will count against that limit for the current week). Decreases in hourly limits do not take effect until the next work week (Monday at 00:00 UTC).

If you are a client looking for help on Contract Weekly Limits, click here.

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