Why was my contract suspended?

For clients:

If there is a problem with your Upwork account, your contracts will be paused or "suspended." This is most likely due to an issue with a billing method. For example, your credit card may have expired or been declined. If you have a past-due balance, you will need to either fix the issue with your primary payment method or add a new payment method to pay your past-due balance. Once your balance has been cleared, your paused contracts will be resumed.

Please contact Customer Support by clicking here so we can take a look at your account and help you reactivate it. If it is going to take some time to resume, please contact your freelancer(s) to let them know when their contracts will resume.

You can also pause contracts yourself as a client any time you want to put them on hold. In addition, contracts that are inactive for an extended period of time pause automatically.

For freelancers:

If there is a problem with your client’s Upwork account, your contracts with them will be paused (or "suspended") and you cannot continue to bill that client through Upwork until the issue is resolved. There are many possible reasons this could occur, although we can’t share the specifics regarding your client’s account due to privacy concerns.

Here's what to do if your contract is suspended:

  • Stop working on the contract immediately – Any work completed during this time is not covered by Upwork’s Payment Protection programs.  Tip: Do not resume billing until you receive a notification from Upwork that the contract is reactivated. For hourly contracts, hours billed prior to the "suspension" are still eligible for Payment Protection.
  • Contact your client – Get in touch with your client as soon as possible to find out when the contract will resume. If you do not get a response from your client, you can click here to ask Customer Support to contact the client on your behalf.

Warning: If your client asks you to continue working on the contract and then offers to pay you outside of Upwork, in most cases you should decline and report it to Customer Support. This is called Circumvention, which significantly increases the risk of fraud and is a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service.  Please note that this does not apply if the Circumvention rules do not apply to you and your client or if your client has elected to pay a fee to opt out of the Circumvention rules.

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