Reports give you information on your earnings, hours, and payments. You can use reports to audit your overall work on Upwork and to export or print summaries of your activity. Several different reports are available depending on what you are trying to measure. Similar to the Upwork weekly billing cycle, reports are tracked using UTC.

Find your reports

  • Go to Reports and choose the report that suits your needs

Manual changes may take a few hours to reach all reports. Time logged with the Upwork Desktop App will appear more quickly.

Contract and Payment Reports

Hour-based Reports

  • Weekly Timesheet – Summarizes the hours worked for each client during a given week
  • Timesheet Details – Report of the work you did during a selected time period
  • Time Analyze – Downloadable summary of your hours and activities

Your contracts with an agency won't show earnings in any report because they're paid to the agency, not you. But you will still have full access to reports of your hours. The agency’s business managers can access the full reports.

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