As a freelancer running your own business, you need access to your work and financial records for many reasons — budgeting, income verification, tax reports, and more. To make tracking the business aspect of your job as easy as possible so that you can spend more time on what you love doing as a freelancer, we offer several automated and customizable reports.

You can export or print summaries of your activity and earnings directly from Upwork. We also offer different reports depending on what you are trying to measure. Similar to the Upwork weekly billing cycle, we track reports using UTC.

Find your reports

  • Go to Reports and choose the report that suits your needs


Manual changes may take a few hours to reach all reports. Time logged with the Upwork Desktop App will appear more quickly.

Contract and Payment Reports

The first thing that you will see when you click on or hover over Reports is your Overview page. We created this page to give you a simple snapshot of your earnings in process, under headings that show the various stages of earnings:

  • Work in Progress — The dollar amount for hourly work that you have logged during the current week and for fixed-rate contracts that have started but haven’t submitted work on yet
  • In Review — The total dollar amount for the hours that you logged during the last weekly cycle plus fixed-rate work that you have submitted for review
  • Pending — Payments that your clients have approved and that have entered the holding period
  • Available — Money available for your immediate withdrawal

Next under reports, you’ll find My Reports, which contains hour-based information in a weekly summary. If you are a Freelancer Plus member, you can customize these reports with several filters and date range options.

Other reports that you have access to include:

  • Transaction History – Itemized history of all earnings and payments
  • Earnings and Billings – View a total of all earnings or see your earnings, by client, for up to the past three years
  • Certificate of Earnings – Downloadable PDF of last 12 months earnings
  • Connects History — See your Connects usage, purchases, and rewards by month

Your contracts with an agency won't show earnings in any report because they're paid to the agency, not directly to you. But you will still have full access to reports of your hours. The agency’s business managers can access the full reports for you.

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