Typically, freelancers wait for the client to end a contract, make any final payments, and leave feedback. However, you can end a contract at any time.

A few important things to review before you close a contract:

  • Confirm with your client that you are on the same page about ending the contract
  • Make sure you are closing the account properly so you don’t risk losing access to Upwork and the tools that help protect you if a problem arises. In most cases, we know contracts are closed simply because the work is done. However, if you are closing a contract to avoid fees, that puts us in the difficult position of having to permanently close your Upwork account due to circumvention, which is against our Terms of Service
  • If you have an hourly contract, ending the contract will lock your Work Diary. Your client will be billed for the hours recorded, but you will not be able to modify or record additional time on this contract. Learn more
  • If you have a fixed-price contract, funds in escrow will be automatically released back to the client if you end the contract. Learn more

To end your contract

  1. Go to My Jobs
  2. Choose the contract's title
  3. Select the (...) options menu and choose End contract
  4. In the modal that appears, select End Contract to confirm

Once you end a contract

  • Remind the client to change or revoke any passwords or special access that they gave you during the contract
  • Ensure you’ve turned in all related work to the client and returned all client materials and equipment
  • Remove client property that you used or created during the contract, such as documents, files, or software for example, from your equipment
  • You and your client may leave feedback
  • You may offer a refund for any payments made within the last 180 days


All Upwork users have the ability to end a contract at any time, though it is always best if everyone is aware of what's going on and in agreement about it.

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