Typically, freelancers wait for the client to end a contract, make any final payments, and leave feedback.

To end your contract

  1. Go to the My Jobs > click the contract's title
  2. Select the (...) options menu
  3. Click End contract

For fixed-price contracts, funds in escrow will be automatically released back to the client if you end the contract.

Once you end a contract

  • The system will lock your Work Diary and you can no longer record time.
  • Your client will be billed as normal for any hours logged.
  • You and your client may leave feedback.
  • You may offer a refund for any payments made within the last 180 days.

Reminder: All Upwork users have the ability to end a contract at any time, though it is always best if everyone is aware of what's going on and in agreement about it.

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