Sometimes you need to make updates to the time you’ve entered in your Work Diary. You can only add, edit, and remove time in the current week’s Work Diary in an active contract. You won’t be able to edit Work diaries from closed contracts. The previous week’s Work Diary for an active contract is no longer editable after Monday at noon UTC.

To remove time you don’t want to bill to your client:

  1. From your home page, go to My Jobs Work Diary and select the contract
  2. Find the block of time you want to remove
  3. Hover over the time’s screenshots to see checkboxes, then check the boxes for the time increments you want to remove
  4. Once you check a box, Edit and Remove options will appear near the top of the page, next to total tracked time — choose Remove
  5. To remove an entire group at once, hover over the ellipsis to the right of the group and choose Remove the group



Learn more about the Work Diary.



You may see different versions of your Work Diary in some places, like when you access it from your contract workroom. We are working to update all Work Diary pages soon.

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