Sometimes manual time is needed, and your Work Diary is built to allow it as long as your client enables the option. Manual time is often used to bill for work done offline or work that can’t be captured by our Time Tracker app — phone calls, non-electronic research, paper-based sketching, large file transfers, graphics rendering, etc.

Before you can bill for manual time, your client must enable the option (they can disable it at any time, too). 

So be sure to talk to them before you work any manual hours to ensure they are willing to pay you for that time. Once enabled, you can add manual time via the Upwork Desktop App or directly in your Work Diary – it’s simple!


Important to know:

Manual time does not qualify for Hourly Payment Protection.


Add manual time from the Time Tracker

  1. Open the Upwork Desktop App and select the contract
  2. Choose the Add manual time option
  3. Select the date and times, add a description of the work, and choose Save

Add manual time from your Work Diary

  1. Go to My Jobs Work Diary and select the contract from the dropdown menu
  2. Select the day you want to add hours to and choose Add Manual Time
  3. Select the time period, add a description of the work, and choose Save

Manual time can be added to the current billing period before the Work Diary is locked (which happens at noon UTC on Mondays), and only for intervals that you have not already logged time in. 

The default time settings for the desktop app and Work Diary is UTC. To see hours in your own time zone, you will need to switch to My local time. You can do this in the time parameters dropdown on the right side of the page. 



You may see different versions of your Work Diary in some places, like when you access it from your contract workroom. We are working to update all Work Diary pages soon.

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