The Upwork desktop app has a time-caching mode so you can continue logging time through minor Internet connection issues or Upwork site maintenance. Usually, the cache will automatically upload as soon as your connection is reestablished so the time can be included in your weekly invoices. The latest version of the desktop app can cache about 12 hours at a time. Once it is full, you can no longer log time on any contract until the cache is uploaded. The most common causes of time-caching mode are:

  • Upwork maintenance – Upwork undergoes periodic, and usually brief, downtime for maintenance. During this time, you can continue to work and your logged time will be held in the cache. It should reconnect and upload the cache within an hour.
  • Unstable Internet connection – The desktop app, especially when trying to upload logged time, requires a stable Internet connection. It should reconnect and upload the cache automatically as soon as the connection stabilizes, usually within a few minutes.

Warning: Although it's available as a backup, we strongly recommend you avoid caching mode as much as possible.

If you do work in caching mode:

  • Do not log time from another computer while you have a cache awaiting upload. This will prevent the cached time from uploading.
  • You must reconnect before the end of the weekly billing cycle to upload your cached time. It can’t be uploaded after the Work Diary is locked. If the cache fails to upload automatically, you cannot recover it manually.  

Uploading the cached time

Once you have a stable Internet connection, the cached time will upload automatically. You will know the cache is uploading when the desktop app status says “Online and uploading.” It will change to “Online” when the cached time has been completely uploaded to the server.

If you have an ongoing connectivity problem, the app will appear stuck in caching mode and fail to upload your time. The most common reasons for this are:

  • Poor Internet connection
  • TLS (required security protocols) disabled in your Windows Internet settings (how to fix)

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