In April, we moved from a two-tiered subscription model to a simpler, streamlined marketplace experience.

Instead of subscription fees plus a processing fee, we charge one fee of 5% per transaction to all clients (or 3% for eligible U.S. clients who pay via ACH. We continue to offer most client Plus plan features, and they’re available to everyone without a paid subscription.

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Wherever we can, we strive to make tasks easier for you. This includes paying your freelancers.

Once you make or approve a payment on Upwork, we do the rest –– which includes working to make sure your payment arrives as expected, whether your freelancer is 100 miles away or 8,000.

When you make a payment, you’ll be charged a 3% payment processing and administration fee on the total amount. For example, if you make a payment of $1,000, we will charge an additional $30.00 fee for processing the payment.

The 3% fee is assessed any time we charge your billing method. We list this fee as a separate line item in both your transaction history and on your payment receipt so you have full visibility.

For hourly projects, billing occurs weekly, so the fee is assessed when we charge your billing method each week and if you pay any additional bonuses. For fixed-price projects, the processing fee is charged each time you fund a milestone or give a bonus. For Project Catalog projects, you'll be charged when you purchase a project.



The above fee doesn’t apply to clients who’ve signed a contract for Upwork Enterprise services or have another agreement that provides for different terms.

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