To help you stay focused on finding projects and doing great work, we keep all of your billing and invoicing information organized and easily accessible for you. You can find them all in your Transaction History report, where you can manage, download, or print them. Invoices include the freelancer service fee.

Note: Invoices are stored and downloadable for a period of 5 years after the invoice date. After that time, they are deleted and no longer available. We do not customize and edit invoices since they are system generated.

To get an official invoice

  1. Go to Reports › Transaction History
  2. Find the item you need
  3. Choose the Reference ID, and then select View Invoice

To bulk download invoices and receipts

  1. Go to Reports › Transaction History
  2. It will show a 30-day window by default — the maximum time frame for bulk download is one month
  3. Choose the Download Invoices button

Invoices include your client's company name, company owner's name, and the company's contact address. If they have a VAT number, that will be included, too.

Invoices are for record-keeping purposes only. The finance system charges a client's billing method automatically whenever the client has a balance due.

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