Mobile App Job Search and Proposals

Sync your job search

  • Your job feed and search results will have the same job listings in the app and on
  • Your saved searches on the mobile app will automatically sync to so that you can run those saved searches and see the results from your job feed.
  • When you save a job from your mobile app, those same saved jobs will appear on your Saved Jobs list on
  • Browse jobs by category or use limited filters. More filters are in development.

Submit proposals

  • A client won't be able to tell whether the proposal was submitted via the mobile app, mobile web, or desktop. We do encourage you to be as thoughtful about how you are crafting your proposals on mobile as you are on desktop, including adding attachments, as needed.
  • We don’t provide a list of your submitted proposals from the mobile app. To check this, please visit from your desktop or mobile web browsers.
  • The mobile app saves your work automatically. To resume your proposal after an interruption, you can simply go back to the job and tap on the Continue Proposal bar to resume where you left off. At this time, you can only resume your draft from the same mobile device.
  • Not available for agencies. Agency business managers and agency freelancers can submit proposals from


Profile has Not Been Accepted

You can’t submit proposals before your profile is accepted during the registration process. Please follow the steps on to complete your profile.

No Connects Available

If you’ve never submitted a proposal before, you must enroll in a Basic or Plus membership plan to receive Connects.

If you have submitted a proposal before, you may have used up your current allotment of Connects. Plus plan members can purchase more on Basic plan members will need to wait for their Connects to refill (monthly) or upgrade to a Plus plan to purchase more.


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