Your client may require you to complete a series of tasks before you can accept a contract and join their Talent Cloud® network. 

If the contract terms state the agreement is with Upwork Talent Group Inc. (UTG), read these FAQs instead. 


Why do I need to complete these tasks?

Companies may have internal requirements that must be completed before they engage with a freelancer. Tasks are determined by the Company and may include customized agreements or background checks. These tasks are outlined on the offer page and can differ by Upwork Enterprise client and by project engagement.

Once you’ve completed these tasks, you’re added to that Upwork Enterprise client’s Talent Cloud network. This means you’ll be visible on Upwork to all representatives of the company that use Upwork, and can be more easily engaged by them.


I’ve completed all my tasks, but I still can’t accept the agreement. What do I do now?

Your client may have tasks that need to be completed by the hiring manager or may be reviewing the documents. Once all tasks have been confirmed, you will receive an email notification with information to accept your contract with the client.


Who should I contact for more information?

For questions about other onboarding requirements, you should contact your client directly. You can contact the relevant hiring manager through Upwork Messages.

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