We want to give Enterprise clients like you the best chance for success. This includes assigning an Enterprise Talent Specialist to each of your non-private job posts. They’re there to help you get started with Upwork and connect with the right talent for your project.

Your Talent Specialist will assist with

  • Drafting the project description and other details
  • Shortlisting a few interested freelancers and agencies for you to consider

Learn more about talent sourcing and program management for Enterprise.

If you require a private job posting, there are several ways to find the right talent on your own. Since freelancers can’t find your private job, you choose who to invite.

You can invite a freelancer or agency from

  • Your company’s Talent Cloud network
  • The general Upwork marketplace
  • Your relationships outside Upwork

Remember that, because you are an Enterprise client, all freelancers you contract with will need to go through an onboarding process before starting, so plan your timeline accordingly.

Talent Cloud

Your Talent Cloud is a network of  freelancers and agencies that you have preselected or that have previously collaborated with your company. They generally have already gone through initial vetting, which can make contracting (or re-contracting) faster and easier. Go to Freelancers > Find Freelancers and do a search. You can restrict the results (using the first filter box) to one or more of your company’s Talent Clouds. When you find someone you want, click the Invite to Job button.


If you can’t find a freelancer with the skills you need in your Talent Cloud network, you can search the marketplace as a whole, just like any other client. Go to Freelancers > Find Freelancers and do a search. When you find someone you want, click the Invite to Job button. Remember that these freelancers and agencies have not gone through your company’s pre-contract onboarding process. That process can take some time and a freelancer  may not be able, or want, to complete it.

Bring Your Own (BYO)

If you know who you want to work with  but they’re not already on Upwork, you can send a BYO contract via this page. When they accept, they will be prompted to set up an Upwork profile and complete your company’s onboarding process (if applicable), before accepting their contract.

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