Some Enterprise clients enroll in Compliance Services, which means we’ll determine whether to engage each freelancer for you as an independent contractor or as an employee of our staffing agency. This helps protect your company from misclassification risk. To provide classification services and to help your engagements start promptly, your Upwork Compliance Specialist will assist with managing your onboarding workflow.

Am I enrolled in Compliance Services?

Go to Settings > My Info > Company details. If it says "Enterprise Compliance," you are enrolled in Compliance Services. If it says "Enterprise Standard,” you are not.

Enrolling or Opting Out

Please work with your account rep to determine whether Compliance Services are right for your company. They can go over pricing and the options for additional onboarding tasks.

If your company chooses not to enroll, your company will be solely responsible for the worker classification compliance of your freelancers and the liability that entails. Reach out to your account rep to upgrade to Compliance Services at any time.

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