Upwork Enterprise can choose from the following billing methods, which gives the company more financial controls and the ability to process larger spend than our standard marketplace billing methods (credit card/PayPal/ACH).

Billing Methods

Your company setup will include selecting the most appropriate billing method. Please speak to your Upwork program administrator if you have any questions about your current method or need to change.

Generally, Enterprise clients choose one of these options:

Enterprise Billing (most common)

  • Your company receives a monthly invoice for all transactions assessed to the account, broken out by team or other custom fields
  • Depending on your internal financial processes, your company will charge your department’s cost center
  • Track your amount due in Reports Transaction; the negative balance in the account indicates the amount due for invoicing


  • Pre-fund a balance in your Upwork account used to pay freelancers and agencies
  • All hiring managers will need to forecast activity and deposit enough funds to ensure there is sufficient balance to pay freelancers and agencies
  • To add funds, your company manually initiates each transfer from your bank to Upwork’s escrow agent (may take up to 3-5 business days)


Fees associated with payment processing, compliance services, and all other Enterprise client services are negotiated per your Upwork Enterprise Agreement. Please contact your account team with any questions.


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