Enterprise clients pay you for your work the same way as marketplace clients:

  1. Hourly –  Paid weekly based on the negotiated rate of the contract. Our time-tracking app and Work Diary eliminate cumbersome manual invoices.
  2. Fixed-Price Milestones – Agree with your client on a list of milestones. Once you complete and submit the tasks, they will release the funds for that particular milestone.

Your earnings will be distributed automatically to your chosen payment method.

Please note that the sliding freelancer service fees don’t apply to contracts with Enterprise clients. This is because Upwork negotiates individual contracts with those companies on a case-by-case basis. In general, Enterprise contracts have a flat 10% freelancer service fee. The fee will be specified on each contract offer you receive.

In addition, Enterprise contracts may utilize the Upwork Payroll program. Learn more about submitting time and getting paid as a payrolled employee.

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