If you’ve confirmed the presence of malware on your computer, you should take immediate steps to remove it.

In many cases, your antivirus program can find and get rid of the malware for you (you can follow the instructions in the application). In more stubborn cases, contacting a dedicated tech support provider (not Upwork Support) may be necessary as you may need to completely reset your device and start over from your latest backup. This is why pros perform backups regularly.


To report malware on Upwork, please email accountsecurity@upwork.com — this includes suspicious links as well as malware you believe you’ve found on our platform.

Want to learn more about getting rid of a malware attack? Read the Federal Trade Commission’s detailed advice here.

Has your Upwork account been compromised by an attack? Continue reading in Secure a Compromised Account.

For an overview of online safety and security best practices, please visit our Security Center or check out our complete online security series below.

  1. General Electronic Security
  2. Staying Safe on Upwork
  3. Detect Malware
  4. Getting Rid of Malware — You are here
  5. Secure a Compromised Account

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