Singapore — Branch code

Some banks in Singapore require you to enter a 3 digit branch code. In particular, HSBC, OCBC, and SBI Singapore require you to enter the 3 digit branch code in order for funds to transfer successfully. Please contact your bank if you are unsure whether you have to enter your 3 digit bank code.

Below are branch codes for some banks in Singapore:

  • DBS: 005
  • HSBC: 146
  • OCBC: 550
  • SBI: (the first 3 digits of your 14 digit SBI account number)

During the Add Payment Method flow, please add your branch code on the Branch Code field. In the account number field, please omit your branch code from your account number.

For example:

If your account is at HSBC, and your account number is 146112345678, please enter 146 in the Branch Code field and 112345678 in the account number field.

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