Join Premium Programs for Freelancers

We’ve developed a single process for freelancers with proven industry experience to access the best projects from clients that use additional services on Upwork. This process was put in place so top freelancers can spend more time working on interesting projects and less time searching.

Premium programs include:

  • Upwork Enterprise: Build your reputation working on a variety of projects with Fortune 500 companies and get on their roster for repeat work.
  • Upwork Pro: Work on challenging projects that are typically at least $5,000 in value, with clients who are ready to hire and pay higher rates for the best talent.
  • Upwork Team Builder: Secure longer-term projects with clients who have committed to pay at least 30 hours per week as the weekly minimum payment.

Apply once, pass a 30-minute to 2-hour skill assessment, and gain access to the full suite of premium programs for freelancers. You can switch in and out of programs at any time.

How do I apply to the premium programs?

Take a moment to ensure that your profile is 100% complete, highlighting your skills with some portfolio items, and showcasing your freelance business. Clients that use premium services typically expect you to maintain a premium level profile. Once your profile is ready to your satisfaction:

  1. Submit an application here to indicate program interest and area of expertise.
  2. Complete a skill assessment in one of the skill categories listed below.
  3. Complete a short video interview.

If you pass the assessment and complete the interview, you automatically gain access to opt into any or all of the programs listed above.

Who qualifies?

To qualify, you must be an independent freelancer or non-exclusive agency freelancer with a Top Rated or Rising Talent status, or the agency owner of a Top Rated or Rising Talent agency.

Based on market demand, these programs are currently open to freelancers and agencies in the following skill categories:

  • Web Development: Ruby on Rails; Python using Django; Javascript using Angular, React, or Backbone; PHP; WordPress
  • Mobile Development: iOS using Objective-C, Android using Java
  • Admin Support: Data Entry, Web Research, Salesforce Administration, Virtual Assistance
  • Customer Service: Phone/Email/Live Chat Support

Don’t see your skill category? We’re expanding so stay tuned.

What if I’m not actively looking for more clients right now?

Even if you’re not available for work today, consider joining so you can browse jobs when you’re ready.

How does the skills assessment work?

  • The assessment is a replica of a typical project, just accelerated. It’ll take approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete, depending on the skill category. It is not a multiple choice test.
  • Some questions may be timed and cannot be paused. If you close the assessment before finishing it, your progress will be saved. Completing the assessment within two weeks upon receiving the test link is encouraged.
  • You may see the option to take more than one skill assessment but you only need to pass one assessment to access the premium programs.
  • Assessments can only be taken once. We’ll notify you of your results via email, usually within three business days.

What is the cost to join?

There is no additional cost to participate and the Upwork freelancer service fees remain the same for all premium projects except Enterprise. In general, Enterprise contracts have a flat 10% service fee.

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