Premium Services are a completely free offering for top freelancers on Upwork. Eligible freelancers will receive an invitation by email. Follow the link in the email to apply. You’ll need to show in-demand experience and pass an interview to join.

Premium is currently an invitation-only offering. There is no way to request an invitation at this time.

Once you're enrolled in the program, you will receive

  • Prioritization by Upwork when we highlight freelancers' proposals to clients (when project criteria have been met)
  • Live consultation services from a Talent Agent whose mission is to help you grow your business
  • One-month of complimentary Freelancer Plus or a one-time bonus of 30 free Connects
  • Prioritization for promotion in Upwork emails and on marketing pages


What if I’m not actively looking for more clients right now?

Even if you’re not available for work today, consider accepting your invitation so you have these Premium perks available to you when you’re ready. There’s no obligation to use any of these resources.

Don’t miss out — if you wait too long to apply, your invitation may expire.

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