Upwork Academy is an interactive suite of courses and tools that help you succeed and grow your business. You'll find free and paid options to help you improve your work or learn new skills.

Learning paths and courses

If you’re new to Upwork, we recommend starting with our learning paths and interactive courses. These resources walk you through some of freelancing’s biggest questions. You’ll learn important Upwork policies, how to use the platform, tips to avoid scam and spam, and even best practices for setting your rate.

Not sure where to begin? Check out our New to Upwork 101 learning path, where you can learn the basics of how to start as a freelancer on Upwork.

Education marketplace

Unlock new skills through online courses from trusted partners in our education marketplace, an exclusive collaboration between Upwork Academy and well-known brands. This selection of trending courses helps you learn new skills, expand your existing expertise, and discover resources commonly used by freelancers like you.

AI education library

Explore our AI library, your go-to source for artificial intelligence related content. Whether you're seeking insights, best practices, real-life stories, or comprehensive education on AI tools, you can explore and learn about the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Mini courses

Mini courses allow you to quickly learn about specific topics through shorter videos crafted by Upwork's Top Rated freelancers and industry trailblazers. Looking to submit your own mini course to Upwork Academy? Learn more about guidelines for mini course submissions.


Coaching workshops, one-on-one strategy calls, and ask-me-anything office hours can help you get ahead. Coached freelancers are three times more likely to win a contract thanks to individualized help.


Attend a weekly workshop with other Upwork freelancers to learn more about profiles, proposals, and rates. These paid, interactive workshops are available for a limited number of freelancers per event. You can learn about specific topics from an expert while engaging with other freelancers who are looking for similar opportunities.

No refunds are available for Upwork Academy workshops. If we cancel the event, you will receive a code to use on another event of equal or lesser value. If you need to cancel, no refund is available.

Strategy calls

Book a strategy call with an Upwork Coach to discuss how to improve your profile or proposals. These paid calls are a 1:1 opportunity with an expert to see how you can fine-tune your approach to win work.

No refunds are available for Upwork Academy strategy calls. If we cancel the call, you will receive a code to use on another event of equal or lesser value. If you need to cancel, no refund is available.

Ask a Coach live sessions

Join a target="_blank"n Ask a Coach live session to ask questions about getting started or growing your business and get answers in real-time. These free, informal sessions can unlock even more potential for growth.


Join other freelancers and industry leaders online during Upwork Academy’s virtual events. These events cover topics ranging from Upwork best practices to business-building tips. Plus, past event recordings let you view the event even if you couldn’t make it. Register for an upcoming event here.

Upwork Skill Certifications

Upwork Skill Certifications help freelancers stand out as experts in their fields. When you earn a certification, a badge is added to your Upwork profile. Learn more about Upwork Skill Certifications here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Upwork Academy?

Upwork Academy is a library of information and resources that are available at any time, letting you explore and engage at your own pace.

What can I do in Upwork Academy?

You can start your journey by going through an interactive course or by watching videos of past webinars and expert talks. You can also work directly with our Upwork Coaches to get more personalized help to succeed here.

Why can’t I see any of the courses?

You’ll need to log in to the Community to be able to see the Academy courses. If you don’t have an Upwork Community account, you can register for one in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.

If you’re logged in but still having issues viewing the courses, it could be because of your internet and security settings. Check your internet and security settings to give Upwork access. If you have the iframe blocked, you won’t be able to see the course. Instead, you’ll just see an empty page with the header, course title, and footer.

Can I get a refund for an event or coaching call?

Unfortunately, no refunds are available for Upwork Academy workshops or strategy calls. If we cancel, you will receive a code to use on another event of equal or lesser value. If you need to cancel, no refund is available.

What language are the courses, calls, and workshops available in?

Our offerings are available in English.

What communication tools do I need for the coaching workshops and calls?

You only need a working microphone if you want to participate. You can join by link without having any additional tools or apps downloaded. You don’t need to appear on camera, but you can if you’d like!

Can I reschedule my coaching call?

If you cannot make your scheduled call, you are able to schedule another one in the future. We don’t offer refunds for missed calls, though, so we recommend double checking that you’ll be available for the time you select.

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