We know at times you may need to update your account and company information, and we’ve worked to make it as simple as possible.

Here’s what you can update at any time by going to Settings > My Info:

  • Account

    • User first name and last name (may require review and approval)
    • Email address
  • Company details

    • Company Name - Your company’s name (required)
    • Website - Your company’s website (optional)
    • Industry - The industry classification of your company (required)
    • Number of employees - The number of employees in your company (optional)
    • Tagline - A tagline for your company (optional)
    • Description - The description of your company (optional)
  • Company contacts

    • Phone number (required)
    • VAT ID (optional)
    • Time Zone (required)
    • Address (required)


Only your city, state, and country will be shared on your profile.

For the security and safety of our users, not all pieces of information can be changed after you’ve created an account:

  • Your User ID – This cannot be edited
  • Your Name – Name changes are allowed and subject to review and approval. Additional documentation may be required.

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