Important to know when you use Code Cleanse:

  • If you hire Code Cleanse to review a freelancer’s work, you’ll be working with Code Cleanse directly
  • We (Upwork) are not involved in their review work and they do not share the report with us
  • We do not take any actions as a result of a Code Cleanse report. This report is for you to evaluate a freelancer and you can use it  as you like

What is Code Cleanse?

When searching for software engineering talent, you may want help verifying the skills and coding abilities of potential freelancers before you make a decision. Code Cleanse is a service you can use to evaluate eligible freelancers who have submitted a proposal to mobile, full-stack, front-end or back-end development jobs and included a link to a sample of their work on GitHub.

Note: Jobs can be hourly or fixed-price, but fixed-price jobs must be for $500 USD or more.

Each pre-hire package from Code Cleanse includes:

  • A personalized call with a Code Cleanse expert
  • A detailed report within 48 hours about the sample code (from the GitHub link the freelancer shared) 
  • A compatibility analysis with your posted job
  • A recommendation-to-hire based on these factors

Purchase and use the pre-hire package

When a freelancer submits a proposal with a link to a sample of their work on GitHub, or follows up with a Github link in response to Upwork’s reminder, you may have the option to use Code Cleanse. If you do, we'll send you a message with a link to purchase Code Cleanse in Project Catalog and you can:

  1. Review the pre-hire package information, then choose Continue
  2. Select or add a billing method, then select Confirm & fund
  3. Choose the freelancer you want to evaluate from the dropdown menu. Only freelancers who submit a proposal with a GitHub link to a sample of their work can be evaluated
  4. Agree to terms and choose Confirm
  5. Once you confirm, you can review the next steps of the project. When the project is completed, Code Cleanse will provide their report. In order to receive the report, you must select Approve & pay.

Code Cleanse report

When Code Cleanse completes its code evaluation, it sends you its findings in a report. The report includes their hiring recommendation, results of their code review, and analysis of the skills and compatibility of the candidate. A sample report can be found on the Code Cleanse pre-hire on Project Catalog page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What programming languages does Code Cleanse assess?

Code Cleanse assesses most programming languages, including Javascript (All frameworks, React, Node, Express, React Native), Python, Java, PHP, Swift, Kotlin, Typescript, Go, and Flutter.

Who can use Code Cleanse?

The Code Cleanse pre-hire service is available for mobile, full-stack, front and back-end job postings. If you receive a proposal from an eligible freelancer, Upwork will send you a message with more details.

Who is eligible for an evaluation through Code Cleanse?

Freelancers who submit a proposal with a GitHub link to a sample of their work are eligible for the Code Cleanse pre-hire service.

Can Code Cleanse evaluate a freelancer I’m currently working with?

At this time, Code Cleanse only offers pre-hire services on Upwork. 

Can I split the cost with my freelancer?

The cost of the Code Cleanse pre-hire service is the responsibility of the client.

Can I share the report with the evaluated freelancer?

The Code Cleanse report is yours to use as you see fit. Before sharing the report with the evaluated freelancer, we suggest considering the following questions:

  • Would sharing the report improve or negatively affect the quality of work from the freelancer?
  • Would sharing the report improve or harm my relationship with the freelancer?

How do I know I can trust the results from Code Cleanse?

Code Cleanse has completed over 1,000 evaluations for over 500 clients. However, you should always be sure to vet your freelancer for the hard and soft skills required to make your project successful.

My Code Cleanse report displays several areas that are concerning, but the freelancer says they are wrong. What are my options?

It is entirely up to you to decide how you use the information from the Code Cleanse report.

Can I specify that I only receive proposals from eligible freelancers?

At this time there is no way to filter who can submit a proposal.

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