What is Code Cleanse?

Code Cleanse provides a third-party service aimed at enhancing the quality, maintainability, and security of software code.

Clients on Upwork who are searching for software engineering talent may not be fluent in the skills and coding needed to verify a freelancer’s abilities. Before these clients choose who to hire, they can utilize Code Cleanse to evaluate a candidate’s compatibility with their job posting.

Freelancers who submit a proposal to a job in the mobile, full-stack, front-end or back-end categories have a field in the proposal to provide a link to sample work hosted on GitHub. You may also see a suggestion from Upwork in messages to send the Github link. If the client purchases a Code Cleanse package, your sample work on GitHub will be evaluated for readability, maintainability, scalability, and architecture.

Important to know:

  • If a client hires Code Cleanse to review your work, the client will be working with Code Cleanse directly
  • We (Upwork) are not involved in Code Cleanse's review and they do not share the report with us
  • We do not take any actions as a result of a Code Cleanse report. This report is for a client to evaluate your work, and they can use it as they like

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