This is a beta feature that is only available to some clients at this time. Stay tuned for more information!

We want to help you stand out when you’re the right fit for a job.

After you submit a proposal, your profile, work history, skills, public reviews, and proposal are matched against the client’s job post and evaluated. Clients see the words “Best match” next to your proposal when you’re most likely to fit the needs listed on the project description.


You should opt in to use AI tools on Upwork to be considered as a best match for clients. If you opt out, you won’t be eligible for all client’s Best Match insights. Learn more about controlling your AI preferences on Upwork.

Insights take client evaluations a step further through an AI-powered feature that highlights skills and relevant, public client reviews on your profile. When you’re a best match, these written insights may help show clients that you’ve got the experience needed to stand above the crowd.

How it works

  • After clients post a job, they review proposals submitted by freelancers. The Best Match indicator highlights freelancers who submitted a proposal to the job and are most likely to fit the needs described in the job post. They may also find Best Match insights that show why the highlighted matches may be a good fit, including a relevant review if it’s available

When we recommend you as a “best match” out of the freelancers who have submitted a proposal, we consider the following:

  • Profile
  • Work history
  • Skills
  • Public reviews
  • Proposal cover letter

While Best Match insights can help you stand out, we always encourage clients to thoroughly vet their freelancers. Learn more about making your proposal stand out through the Finding Work course on Upwork Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I know if I surfaced as a best match?

No, at this time there is no visibility for freelancers into who is highlighted as a best match. Stay tuned as we develop this feature!

How can I be sure Best Match indicators and insights are highlighting the right freelancer?

This feature compares client job posts with freelancer proposals and their profiles. While Best Match insights can help you get noticed, we always encourage clients to thoroughly explore each freelancer’s qualifications, hard and soft skills, and experience before making a choice.

Why do I have to opt in to use AI on Upwork to be eligible as a best match?

AI features require certain data to function. For Best Match insights, our features need permission to read your profile and proposal so we can compare your expertise, giving clients insights on why you may be the right fit. Learn more about controlling your AI preferences.

What data does this feature use?

We use your proposal and profile, coupled with a client’s job post, to make recommendations.

How often do best match indicators refresh?

As clients receive new proposals, their list of best matches may change.

Are best matches displayed at the top of the list on a client’s proposal manager?

Not necessarily. Boosted Proposals and clients’ own sorting filters determine the order of clients' proposal managers. Best match indicators are displayed in blue, on the side of a proposal, regardless of listing order. In a default view, best matches will be displayed after Boosted Proposals.

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