Upwork Talent Specialists help connect clients with freelancers and agencies so they can work together. As a result of the program, freelancers and agencies are getting projects more often, and faster.

The program provides a variety of talent sourcing services to a high volume of clients (both new and experienced). Given this range, you may receive invites from clients that are new to Upwork and have not yet verified their payment source yet.

What do Upwork Talent Specialists do for freelancers?

The Talent Specialists may highlight jobs for you based on your listed skillset and availability and send you invitations to submit proposals on behalf of the client. To participate, you don’t need to do anything except have a history of success in the skill category and available for a participating client’s job. This means you can spend more time working and getting projects done and less time searching and sorting through job posts.

What is the benefit of this program for me as a freelancer?

Invites will boost your visibility to clients and increase your chances of landing projects. You also do not spend Connects on jobs you are invited to by Talent Specialists or clients.

Is there an additional cost for this program?

No. This program is completely free.

How do I tell if the invite is from Upwork’s Talent Specialist or the client?

Our invite message will include an introduction to the Talent Specialist. However, you should still direct your proposal and all questions to the client as the client still makes the final decision on who to contract for the job.

Is there a way to only get invites for a particular skill/job focus?

For example, I have 5 skills listed but I really only like to do work involving one of them. Can I opt-in for only jobs in that skill set?

We recommend that you update your profile to reflect your skill set focus so that you receive the most relevant job invites. Consider removing skills you’re not interested in being matched to jobs on or describe your specific preferences with your skills in your profile overview.

I would like to find my own jobs, can I opt out?

You can request to be removed from the program here.

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